We are avid fans of biohacking. We try the latest, and the best the scene has to offer – From nootropics, stimulants, smart drugs and even some really ludicrous diet plans. It is our belief that the human potential has so much more to offer, that is just waiting to be unlocked. If you share the same passion to supercharge yourself, then you share a common vision with us. Duckdose was conceived to allow for easy purchase for some of the best smart drugs we personally stand by.

In many countries, access to smart drugs is severely limited by price-inflating patents, trade tariffs and prescription controls. We offer competitive prices, a hassle-free shopping experience and superior privacy. If you have some thoughts on how we can do better, please send us a quack at [email protected]

You should only purchase from duckdose after you have done your research and understood the risks of biohacking. What works for someone else may not necessarily have the same effect on you. Here at duckdose, we encourage responsible use of smart drugs. When in doubt, speak to your physician to learn more.

That being said, we are just as excited to get started on your supercharging journey. Share your experience with us via our Reddit thread /r/duckdose or Twitter handle @duckdose.

It’s time to get quackin!