We currently accept payment via Bitcoins & card payments. Orders paid with Bitcoins enjoy a discount off the purchase. For card payments, we currently accept Visa/MasterCard branded cards. All types of cards (Prepaid/Debit/Credit) should work.

Our card processor is based offshore in China. This means three things:

  • Your bank may block your transaction as it falls outside of usual purchase behavior. If you encounter an error during checkout, simply contact your bank to green-light the transaction and you should be good to go! Please attempt to call your bank first, as repeated attempts may trigger some fraud parameters and lock-out your card from purchasing.
  • You may be billed lesser than the amount stated on our website. This is because your bank may levy a currency-conversion processing fee for offshore purchases, and we consistently charge less than the stated price to offset this fee.
  • Your purchase may appear differently in your billing statement. We use a non-descript charge descriptor to ensure that your purchase is secured with even greater privacy!


We offer refunds if you change your mind for orders that have not left India. Once the package has left India, we continue to support refunds if it qualifies under our Get Quackin’ promise, which covers lost/stuck shipments.
Want to pay with Bitcoins to enjoy an additional discount? Check out our guide on Buying Bitcoins to get started!

Have questions on the charge for your purchase? Send us at quack at [email protected] and we’ll sort it out.