super secret discount codes & discount coupons

You’ve found our super secret page for discount codes and discount coupons! Bookmark this page to be updated for any existing deals we have.

Unfortunately, we do not have any publicly available discount codes & discount coupons now.

You will not be able to find them anywhere else 🙁

How To Enjoy Additional Savings On Your Duckdose Purchase

Fortunately, you can still enjoy a discount on your purchase by two means:


On your subsequent purchase, enjoy a 15% off your total purchase. Simply check your email for a coupon code and apply the code upon checkout. This code is one-use only, so be sure to only share it with your best pal!


For a limited time only, pay with bitcoins to enjoy an additional 20% off! It’s really easy to get bitcoins, and it makes your transaction more secure. Find out how to buy bitcoins with your credit/debit card by clicking here.

These discounts can stack. Which means, on your next purchase made with bitcoins, you’ll enjoy a whopping total of 32% off!!

How To Apply Your Discount Code and Coupon

During checkout, simply look for the box as shown below, and click on it:

Apply Discount

From there, key in the discount code and coupon to receive a whopping discount off your purchase! If you are a returning customer, check your email for this code.

Apply Code

Returning Customers.. Check your mailboxes!

For returning customers. Check your email inbox for your coupon code to enjoy that extra 15% off. Sometimes, our mail does get caught in the spam box. If your order has already been delivered, you should receive your coupon code within a few days. Quack!